About us
Chandigarh Tools is a manufacturer and importer of percision cutting tools, such as special boring bars and tool holders,special endmills, reamers and drills.
As distributor of multinationl cutting tool companies we have full range of carbide, diamond and hss tooling.
We have colaboration with swiss companies to serve the small part industry like for watch industry and medical industry, we have full range of cutting tools for all type of swiss type lathes.
For heavy engineering we have bigger inserts and tool holders,we have capacity to turn job of more than 6meter with heavy inserts with a single depth of cut of 36mm.

  • We develop special tools and dies for pharma industries.
  • we have full capacity to develop all type of jig and fixtures.
Our strength
  • Our well qualified and experienced staff.
  • Well trained with technical and marketing skills.

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